HFRN Conference 2024

The University of Malmö (Sweden) will be hosting the
Historical Fictions Research Annual Conference 2024
From 23rd to 24th February 2024

Organisers: Cecilia Trenter (Malmö), Kristina Fjelkestam (Stockholm), Claudia Lindén (Södertörn)

For the 2024 conference, HFRN engages in scholarly discussions on the significance and function of ‘Adaptations‘ in historical fictions.

A Call for Papers will be published in due time.

Confirmed keynotes:

Anna Sofia Rossholm (Associate Professor of Cinema Studies)

Ylva Grufsted (Senior Lecturer at Malmö University)

Anna Pettersson (film director and artistic director for Strindbergs Intima Teater)


Visit this website for more details and regular updates. You can also write to us on  historicalfictionsresearch@gmail.com

Speakers are encouraged to submit their papers to our Journal of Historical Fictions (http://historicalfictionsjournal.org/about.html).