2020 Business Meeting Report and provisional summary of expenditure


All members of the conference are members of the organisation.

Membership runs from conference to conference.



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Conference Report

Journal Report


Incorporation as CIO

Future Conferences


The Network—still informal—is growing:

Twitter: @HistoricalFic (542 followers)

Facebook: Historical Fictions Research Network (232 members)

Newsletter: https://tinyletter.com/HFRN (1104members)

Conference report

We had 95 proposals sent in;

We rejected / waitlisted 13 papers: 5 wait listed papers were accepted.

After withdrawals etc. we had 59 talks, plus 3 key notes. [The unusually high number of last minute withdrawals this year, was due to the strike in the UK.]

The nationality of the speakers included…

USA, Canada, Pakistan, Israel, Algeria, Nigeria, Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, Norway, UK, Ireland,Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Disciplines included

History, classics, German lit, English lit, several other national literatures, art history, musicology, film studies.

Journal Report

Journal of Historical Fictions

Vol. 2.1 published April 2019; Vol. 2.2 January 2020

Includes Lisa Maurice, ‘From Elitism to Democratisation: A Half-Century of Hercules in Children’s Literature’; Catherine Baker, ‘‘I am the voice of the past that will always be’: the Eurovision Song Contest as historical fiction’ and Ciaran O’Neill and Emma Donoghue, ‘‘The cage of my moment’: a conversation with Emma Donoghue about history and fiction’

Excellent submissions received for special issue on The Sound of the Past

Collaborating with Creative Cat Apps to update the website and keep publications sharp

Two issues to be published summer 2020 and winter 2020/21 – The Sound of the Past, and one ‘standard’ issue

Aiming to increase content on various different forms of “historical fictions” in addition to novels

Accounts February 2020

This year’s accounts are really confusing

We have taken money in Euro and Sterling

There have been grants…

Salzburg have required Euro tickets to be paid direct to them.

As soon as everything has been paid and cleared there will be a reconciliation published on the website. A notice will be sent out when this happens.

What we know right now:

£1559.10 in the bank

We think there will be a surplus of just over £800

£1000 paid to Clayton Hotel Cork for next year.

We need around £5k (inc deposit) to pay for next year’s conference. As long as we get around 60 full price delegates, we will be fine.

Incorporation as CIO

Constitution: we have our own constitution which addresses the management of the organization, passed in 2019—this is currently not yet being practiced. What we need to incorporate is the constitution required of a CIO. For this we need trustees to sign off.

Trustees 2020-21 have been nominated by Farah Mendlesohn because they fit the criteria needed for the next stage.

In 2021 Juliette Harrison (editor) and Farah Mendlesohn (conference manager) will stand down and be replaced as trustees by a Business Meeting Election. Future Trustees will be selected on a rotating basis by the BME.

Election of trustees (all meetings will be on line + 1 meeting the night before the conference)

  • Provisional trustees: Farah Mendlesohn, Cheryl Morgan, Jerome de Groot, Juliet Harrison, Wendrie Heywood (special advisor)

Registration of CIO

Opening of bank account

Cork: new open election of trustees with rotating elections.

Future Conferences

2021: Cork 
Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st February

Call for Papers: deadline 1st September 2020. historicalfictionsresearch@gmail.com


Programme Team: Phil Dyson and Michael Green


Maggie Scull: works on the Hunger Strikes of the 1980s in Northern Ireland.

Jenny Butler: works on Paganism and mythmaking.

TBD: institutional partner

Hotel: Clayton Hotel (conference venue only).

Total Venue Hire is Euro 5,640.00. Including food,

prices will be £80/£40 and the Euro equivalent—both through Helm this year.


Nightly rate is £154 but there are much cheaper hotels in the area, see Hotels.com and we will be visiting to find a central hotel.

2022: London

 2023: we have a proposal for Sweden that is being considered.