2017 The National Maritime Museum



Christine Riding: The National Maritime Museum

Virginia Preston: Hearts of Oak: Telling Stories about the Royal Navy

Michael Twitty: Dining From A Haunted Plate: Food, Memory, Writing and Creativity from the African American South

Speakers and Papers

Anisimovich, Antonina

Representations of history and the post-1989 transition in the new Bulgarian cinema

Bemben, Alicja

Historical knowledge and objectivity from the perspective of historical fiction

Brown, Tanya

A Dead Man in Deptford? The Death and Afterlife of Christopher Marlowe in Historical Fiction

Butterworth Alex

The Lives of Augustus: designing an interactive form of narrative history

Choi, Tina

History Rewritten and Ethical Fictions in Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities

De Groot, Jerome

Beach time: experimentation and the historical novel

Dunn, Richard

Where Longitude Lies: Creating heroes in the face of adversity

Edwards, Brownen

Sleeping with the enemy: SOE female agents and German officers in historical fiction

Fedorova, Lioudmila

New Gulag Narratives as Historical Fiction

Felipe, Leo Felipe

Art History as Makeup (or Anachronism and dystopia in Derek Jarman’s historical painting)

Felippe, Eduardo Ferraz

The lure of nostalgia: the use of the past, irony and future in Latin America historical fictions

Flothow, Dorothea

Historical Crime Fiction as a Format of Popular Historiography

Grub, Valentina

The Evolution of Embroidery and Femininity in Medieval Films

Horáková, Erin

David(s) Copperfield

Jayawickrama, Sharanya

Stories of Stones and Ink: Trauma and the Crafting of History in Tan Twan Eng’s Garden of Evening Mists 

Kavanagh, Ciarán

“I broke from my moorings and hence stand on nothing.” Historical Dislocation and Estrangement in Philip. K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle

Keen, Tony and Juliette Harrison

‘It’s this wretched country’: Screen portrayals of Roman Britain

Kelly, Christobel

Classical Motif in Australia: the Inverted Gaze

Leister, Wiebke

Japanese Noh Theatre as a Strategy in Contemporary Art and Performance

Lien, Sigrid

Colonial Past and Forbidden Love: Historical fictions spurred by an Unknown Painting

Lübbren, Nina

Ahistorical Fictions: German Sculpture from Democracy to Dictatorship, 1919-1939

Macdonald, Kate

Exploring the relationships between speculative, counter-factual, and historical fictions

Macrury, Laura Bunt

Indigenous Women between Archive and Prose: Reading 19th Century Peruvian Fiction as Historical Testament

Mangena, Tendai

Features and Functions of Zimbabwean Historical Fiction written in English

Manning Toby

Alarm Call: John le Carre’s Call for the Dead and Communism

Ramsay, R.H.L.M.

Historical Fiction in the Architecture Design Studio

Schofield, Mary Anne

War Bond Narratives of WWII: A Lesson for Today

Schroter, Caroline Viktoria

The fictional dimensions of cinematic slave narratives

Slugan, Mario

The Fictional Status of Historical Reenactments

Akira Suwa

Weaving Queer Desire in the Tapestry of Texts in Sarah Waters’s The Little Stranger

Van Dam, Dany

Can We Borrow Your Past? Reading Foreign-Language Neo-Victorian Fiction

Vrecko, Asta

Story of Survival – Children in Concentration Camps in Contemporary Graphics Novels

Zadro, Sanja

(Re)examining tradition: Arthur J. Evans in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the time of the mutiny against the Ottoman rule