2018 Trentham Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent


Jerome de Groot, Manchester: New materialism and ‘reading’ history through DNA

Caroline Sturdy-Colls, Staffordshire: Digging at Treblinka

Philip Morgan, Keele: Battlefields, memories and memorialisation.


Speakers and Papers:

Milla Fedorova, Russian Revolt on the Screen

Will Pooley It’s Not the Wallpaper that Worries Me: Genre Trouble and Historical Faction

Mario Slugan Crime Reconstructions in Early Cinema: The Threat to Public Morals and The Fact/Fiction Distinction

Sarah Hardstaff, Maybe One Day: Anticipation in the Children’s Social Justice Novel

Alison Baker, Intertextuality in Antonia Forest’s Marlowe books & the 2 historical ones

Virginia Preston, ‘Drake at sea and our Eliza ashore’: stories of the Spanish Armada, Catholics, and Protestants in Elizabethan England

Tony Keen, ‘Me no speak Celtic’: Britons Abroad in Screen Portrayals of the Roman Empire

Corey Hackworth, Fictive History and Historical Myth

Juliette Harrisson, ghost stories as embedded historical narratives

Ronald Ramsay, Central but Silent: works of art and architecture as characters in fiction

Alex Butterworth, Treasuring the Unbelievable

Ioulia Kolovou Did she or didn’t she?” Portraying Powerful Historical Women in Fiction: The Case of Anna Komnene.’

Yasemin, From Empire to Republic: Perceptions of Change in Contemporary Fiction

Marianne Gilchrist, Bleed-through: When historical fiction colours historiography

Catherine Padmore, Writing Bennelong: The cultural impact of early Australian biofictions by Eleanor Dark and Ernestine Hill

Julia Ilgner The Foreign King? The Political Appropriation Of Alfred The Great In Nineteenth-Century German Literature

Stephen Brooks, Isolation of the Long Distance Quaker

Farah Mendlesohn, Victorian Quakers in the Seventeenth Century historical novel

Kate Macdonald, Writing Edwardian feminism through historical Quakers and Dissenters

Cheryl Morgan, If Your Past isn’t Queer it is not Realistic

Lucy Cook, Anne Boleyn, The Woman Question and Victorian Historical Culture”

Tanya Brown, A Dead Man in Deptford?: The Death and Afterlife of Christopher Marlowe in Historical Fiction

Dorothea Flothow, Writing a Restoration Rake: the Earl of Rochester in comic fiction

Lynne Fotheringham Doing justice to the past: the representation of violence in a historical comic