2020 HFRN: Final Accounts

Dear Friends,

We have spent some time on the accounts this year and we cannot reconcile them. In a slightly bizarre outcome, we appear to have *too much* money.

Our projected balance is £3,508.76
Our actual balance is  £3,865.34

The Trustees have agreed to accept the current situation, and we are turning to accounting software for 2020-21

The accounts are below:

NotesBank Statement one day before the convention1559.15290.681512
4Ticket sales  £4,429.99£4,000.00£1,622.22
5Direct transfer  £1,525.58£100.00
Subsidy £2,108.00
total Income £8,063.57
7Conference expenses £2,400.00
1Rooms for keynotes£252.00£80.95
Subvention for keynotes£60.00
Guest travel£242.00
Site £2,108.00£0.00£1,321.20
extra coffee serving£240.00£22.00
Guest expenses£87.00
special needs food£22.00
Guest food (refund to JdG)£107.00
Lost deposit£100.00
Refunds £419.59£2,842.62£1,524.15
Web site £60.00
total expenses £4,987.59
Deposit for Ireland 2021 £890.00
Admin £80.00
Funds Brought Forward from previous year £1,322.38£1,512.00£205.76
surplus £2,106.38£1,322.38£1,512.00
2021 tickets £80.00
Projected balance (ie to tbc) £3,508.76£2,834.38
Cash balance (from bank statement) £2,975.34£3,045.76
Credit £890.00
Balance £3,865.34
1Transferred to FM”s account then paid to intermediary
2paid by FM and compensated
3covered by hosts
Cancellations to be carried forward to next year.
4UK: £2260; EU: £2168.99
5Conference support £864.45; refund from Salzburg £661.13; direct conference support
7Paid to Salzburg