The Historical Fictions Research Network was first set up at Anglia Ruskin University with the support of the Department of English and Media. The intention was to create an interdisciplinary space in which we could discuss the ways in which we create “fictional narratives” of history in many different contexts, to interrogate the consequences of this, and to examine how to theorise the fictionalising of the past.

If you wish to join us, please get in touch or consider attending our conferences. Membership is included in the conference fee.

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Any guest ideas?

As we move to having different people host the conference they will of course have ideas for guests themselves. However we  would also like to assemble a list of people you would like to hear. There are two categories:

1. People who can offer a theoretical perspective on how we write and construct narratives of the past.

2. Practioners who engage in doing so (these can be academics but we also welcome museum curators, archeologists, re-enactors, recreators of objects (costume, musical instruments, hair styles etc etc etc).

Please do not hesitate to email us at historicalfictionsresearch@gmail.com