2019 Business Meeting, report and accounts

Bullet points from the Business Meeting.


  • 83 members
  • 77 attending
  • a 50/50 split between full and half price.
  • We went from 320 to 409 followers on the twitter feed and have added names to the mailing list.

Summary of accounts:

Until invoices have been paid the following cannot be finalised.

  • Income: £4165
  • Estimated expenditure: £2533.4
  • Estimated surplus: £1632
  • Funds brought forward: 1190.68
  • Projected balance: £2822.68

Resolved Accounts: 2019 HFRN Accounts

This year we were supported by free use of rooms from Manchester Central Library for which we are very grateful, negotiated by conference host Jerome deGroot. Usually these cost us around £1500. We are aiming to build a reserve of one full conference i.e. around £4000.

Site FAQs:

If you are interested in hosting in 2021 or 2023 your site needs:

  • To be in the UK or another European country (we aren’t quite ready to go further)
  • Good physical access (for wheelchairs and other mobility issues)
  • Microphones and Projection equipment
  • 4 conference rooms (one large enough for a plenary of around 80 people).
  • Catering that can handle the dietary needs of a range of people.
  • Either on site accommodation or a good quality hotel nearby with at least 80 rooms.

Please do contact historicalfictionsreasearch.org if you are interested.

Going forward: The meeting have actioned Farah Mendlesohn to produce a report with recommendations for becoming a co-operative business in which all members are partners.

The Journal: The Journal of Historical Fictions welcomes papers. We’d love to have articles based on your conference papers, and remember that as an online journal it’s relatively easy for us to link to pictures, music etc. https://historicalfictionsresearch.org/the-journal-of-historical-fictions/

A special issue is being considered on Sound. Please contact Juliette Harrison for details. Juliette.Harrisson@staff.newman.ac.uk


The Journal also needs volunteers: if you are interested in these roles please contact Juliette Harrison.

  • Peer reviewers: we are an inter-disciplinary network and need people from all disciplines to serve as reviewers.
  • Academic editors: these assist authors in developing their articles if accepted “with revision”.
  • Copy editors: final editing of an article for mistakes.
  • English for Academic Purposes editors: we want to make sure that speaking English as a foreign language is not an impediment to publishing. EAP editors will edit fully accepted articles.

HFRN 2020: the conference is facing the unknown with Brexit. It was decided that it made more sense to take the conference into the Eurozone next year, as this puts the burden of visa applications on the British, which the conference can expedite/support on behalf of its members if needed. There is also a contingency/worst case scenario envisaged in which we have a two site conference (UK and Salzburg) using teleconferencing and message boards. Ticketing will be done through a UK and a Eurozone site.

5th Annual Conference

The University of Salzburg

21 & 22 February 2020

  • Location: Unipark Nonntal, Salzburg

Airports: Salzberg, Munich, Vienna

Theme: Forms of History

Call for Papers:   Closing date September 1st 2019

Abstracts to: historicalfictionsresearch@gmail.com