About HFRN

The Historical Fictions Research Network aims to create a place for the discussion of all aspects of the construction of the historical narrative. The focus of the conference is the way we construct history, the narratives and fictions people assemble and how. Recent keynotes have explored the experiences of excavations at Treblinka; the use of DNA to reconstruct historical narratives; explorations of memorial practices at battle fields; cookery as a means to explore the past; new insights resulting from a computer based re-construction of the battle of Trafalgar;  and a discussion of new approaches at the Petrie Museum. We welcome both academic and practitioner presentations.

We welcome people working on prose, drama, visual art, reception studies, musicology, museum displays, film, tv, gaming, wargaming, graphic novels, transformative works and any other areas engaged in the  construction of narratives of the past.

The 2023 conference  will be online.

Please see the conference page in the tabs for details.

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5 thoughts on “About HFRN”

  1. Fiona Price said:

    Dear HFRN,
    Do you know the location of the 2021 conference? I am interested in coming but trying to calculate the cost for a British Academy Funding Bid.
    Thank you,
    Fiona Price

  2. We’ve just (this week) decided it will be the Republic of Ireland

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