2016 Anglia Ruskin



Nick Lowe, Royal Holloway: Theorizing Historical Fictions

Debbie Challis, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology: Museum Fictions: Creating History through Objects and Display.

Greer Gilman, Harvard: On writing historical fiction.


Speakers and Papers

Nina Lübbren: The Buttons of History: Creative Anachronism in Nineteenth-Century Genre Paintings

Victoria J. Whitworth: Death, Memory and George Bain’s Commemorative Refashioning of the Book of Kells

Thalia Allington Wood: Making Myth: a Re-imagining of Ancient Etruria in the Early-Modern Sacro Bausch

Owen Evans: The History Films of Christian Petzold

Judy Park: Imperial Possession and the Reinvention of History in William Davenant’s Interregnum Operas

Erin MacLeod: Living Memories, Artful Fictions: Iris Häussler’s He Named Her Amber

Foster: Another Late Antiquity

Corey Hackworth: Competing Fictions: The Comparative Nature of Greek Historical Fiction

Jacobus Bracker: Mythos Formulae

Kate Macdonald:  Estrangement in the Historical Novel

Lioudmilla Fedorova: Historical Fiction and Suspension of Disbelief: the Case of Boris Akunin

Abi Hunt: ‘In their remembering are their truths’: creating new historical narratives using oral history.

Aglaia Foteinou: A Smartphone Application for an Audio-Visual Walkthrough of Heritage Sites

Ian Bennet: Exploring Wilfred Owen through an App

Tiffani Angus: Reconstructed Gardens

Gemma Scott: The Indian Emergency in Meena Alexander’s Fiction

Manjeet Baruah: Historical Fiction and Representing Frontier between India and Burma

Yasemin Sahin: Marginal Histories of Istanbul

Ioulia Kolovou: Gender as Methodological Tool in Historical Fiction: Sir Walter Scott and Byzantium in the First Crusade

Natasha Alden: Self-fashioning, Re-fashioning: Historical Fiction’s Queer Potential

Julia Lajta-Novak: Feminist to Postfeminist: Generic Interference in Biofictions about Famous Women [by Skype]

Joanne Heath: The Autobio-Fictional Woman Artist, Feminist Desire and the Limits of Modernist Art History

Rowan Ramsay: Welcome to Agincourt, Iowa: the Town that Time Forgot and Geography Misplaced

Rebekah Doroszenko: ‘…When Improv’d by Science, Taste and Thought’: the 18th Century Estate Defined as a Historical Narrative Tour

Ebute Agaba: Totems: A Methodological Tool for the Historical Reconstruction of the Pre-Literate Idoma Society in the North-Central Nigeria

Una MacCormack: Doctor Who, the Second World War, and the Limits of Time Travel

Hanna Meretoja: Fiction, History, and Truth: Exploring Past Worlds as Spaces of Possibilities